About Expat Cars

Part of Cocoon Vehicles and established in 2007, we’ve had a lot of experience when dealing with Expats and car leases, utilising our short term car lease fleet.

Expat Cars is a division of Cocoon Vehicles, based in Derby. The Director has had a lot of experience with Expats, as you will read below and with one of the largest selction of short term car leases, it ill be difficult not to find the right car for you.

How it all started

Having started Cocoon Vehicles in 2007, the business has evolved into a specialist contract hire and leasing business in many different areas. Short term car leases make up the bulk of the business but many of the customers can’t get credit in the conventional method.

Back in 1999, one of the Director’s family members moved to Canada from the UK working for Rolls-Royce. The diffculties in obtaining finance for an English person in a foreign company, even with a 2 year work contract, provided extremely difficult.

Whilst Rolls-Royce provided accommodation and a vehicle for the first month, after this period it was up to the individual to fend for themselves.

This gave the Directors of Cocoon a great idea, providing finance facilities to Expats coming to the UK. They wouldn’t need a UK credit history or a UK driving licence.

Instead, they would use employee references, credit reference agencies in their home countries and evidence to support the application to get them into a car rental or car lease.

On the back of this, Cocoon have helped hundreds of Expats so far, with many of the referrals coming from companies such as Rolls-Royce, Siemens, Airbus, British Airways, Samsung and OTC Europe.

Save Time & Money

We aim to save time and money when relocating to the UK and of course, we want to make leasing a car as an Expat, stress free!

Our sales team will work alongside our experienced underwriters to build up a package that works for you and your time in the United Kingdom.

The set-up costs are much lower than traditional Expat Car Leasing frims and we can also be much more flexible.

Flexible & Fixed Options

Utilising our credit lines with funder and manufacturers, we can offer flexible and fixed expat car leases on a wide range of cars (and even commercial vehicles).

Whilst short term car leasing might not be what you want, when ou way our prices up against traditional expat car lease companies, we can work out cheaper and much more flexible.

You could also have a new car every 6-12 months for less than a 24, 36 or 48 month lease.

Family Business

Whilst our business is classes as a family business, it doesn’t mean that you’ll miss out on the best expat car lease prices!

But what you do get is great personal customer service from a team that cares.

Our philosiphy is that we don’t want to be big, but we want our customers to be happy with the products and services that we offer to all Expatriates coming to the UK for work or even to live.

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